The ULTIMATE Variety band

Marty Zamora(Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals)

Also known as “The Big Man” Marty began playing saxophone professionally at age 12. Two years later he switched to guitar and although he plays several different instruments, the guitar has been his baby ever since. He attended UNM as a music major , has been on the road playing rock-n-roll , played on cruise ships and has been in several bands such as Powerdrive, The Strangers, Escape and Odd Man Out to name a few. He has been recorded on several CDs with local artists such as Stephanie Sullivan, Leroy Montano, Ricky Garcia, Geneva Esquibel, Jodene Aragon and Amber. He has produced, mixed, engineered and arranged for most of these artists. He recorded a CD called Marty & Triple Shot (“IT’S ABOUT DAMNED TIME “) in 2003 that produced the hit single, “La Calandria” which has become a local favorite and has gotten a lot of airplay. Marty was named All Around Guitar Player of The Year for 2005and 2006 by The New Mexico Musicians Fund . He was also presented with  the First Annual Lifetime Achievement Award by the same organization. Marty’s influences include Stevie  Ray Vaughn, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton Ram Herrera and Latin Breed. His passions are Tejano music, Texas Blues, and anything else with a great guitar solo.

He is the fearless leader of Marty & Triple Shot